Our packaging machines are able to pack large variety of products

Our Bag Filling Machine can be used in the industry which deals in food products such as tea, coffee, spice, salt, rice snacks and dry fruit etc. The bag filling machine can also be easily used for the packaging of pharmaceutical products, pesticides. Our brilliant machine is also suitable when it comes to packing the liquid, semi viscous liquid and powered form substance in proper containers or bags.  Select and explore our solutions for your product.

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Sachet Packaging2

The machines suitable to make bags starting from a 3/4 Side Seal Sachet for powder, liquid, granular metarial.

Stick Packaging3

Stickpack machine designed to package free flowing powders, granules, creams or pastes products.

Vertical Form Fill Seal4

VFFSM machine designed to package various powder, solid and granular products.